Effective Date: June 19, 2017 Sinn Studio Inc. (“the Company”, “We”, “Us”) is a virtual reality production and development studio based in Toronto, Canada. Our primary focus is interactive virtual reality content but we’re also involved in the production and development of live-action virtual reality content, stand-alone experiences and more. By viewing or using our products, you consent to the practices described in this Privacy Policy. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at sinn@sinnstudio.com. Article 1 – The Collection of Information
  1. The majority of our products will not collect any of your information; however, some of our products may collect and use, directly or indirectly, your IP address, email address, location, platform username (Steam, Oculus and so on) or other related information.
  2. If we collect and use any of your information, it is strictly to improve or enable your experience when using our products. We do not distribute or examine the information our products collect unless required by law.
  3. Communicating with Sinn Studio Inc. directly will provide us with your email address and/or phone number and any information you disclose in said communication will also be known by the Company until and if you ask us to dispose of any records of it.
  4. Purchasing our products through third-party platforms such as Oculus or Steam will not expose any of your financial or personal information to us; however, purchasing anything directly from the Company may provide us with sensitive information. This is no cause for worry because, as mentioned, we do not distribute or examine any of the information we receive unless the law demands it.
  5. Third parties may collect information about you through their respective services, platforms or outlets. If you’re interested, be sure to read their respective privacy policies to learn more about what information is being collected and how it is being used. Sinn Studio Inc. distributes games, apps and other products on various platforms and we are not responsible for any information that is collected by the platforms themselves.
Article 2 – The Use of Your Information
  1. Depending on what information we collect from you, we may use it in various different ways. Here you’ll find all of the ways in which we use the information we collect.
  2. If and when your IP address or related network information is collected, it is used only to enable you to participate in some of our games, apps or experiences. These are usually multiplayer/co-op based and require the use of your network information when connecting you with other players. Your network information may also be used if and when a leaderboard system is present; in cases like this, we may use your network information to accurately identify you and your account so that we can best place and display you on said leaderboards. Note that the majority of our content does not require a network connection and none of your network information will be collected. In most cases, we provide the optional offline/single-player and online/multiplayer game modes, experiences or otherwise. There may be other instances where your network information is used; these may include, but are not limited to creating accounts and/or profiles within our products, and more.
  3. If you connect with us on social media, by email or by phone, your social media and/or contact information may become available to us to see. This information is used only to communicate with you directly if needed and it will never be shared with anyone else. If you wish to remain anonymous after direct communication with us, you may ask us to dispose of this information and we will always do so, no questions asked.
  4. Sometimes, although rare, we may collect information regarding gameplay or behaviours within our experiences by certain individuals. This information is not personal to you and is strictly gameplay-related. It enables us to study how players adapt to our content and how we may improve upon it. In some cases, where the content is multiplayer, we may observe and/or record gameplay so as to both ensure a safe and fun environment for all as well as improve on the mechanics that make it possible.
Article 3 – Public Information
  1. If, through the use of any of our products, you release any of your personal information publicly to others, we are not responsible for the exposure of said information. You are entirely responsible for any information you provide to other players or those participating in any way in our products.
  2. Information that is not personal to your daily life but relevant on the internet, including but not limited to: usernames, profiles and so on, may be publicly available both within our products and on the platforms that you use to access our products. For example, your Steam username will be available to other players when accessing our content on Steam and playing in multiplayer matches. We are not responsible for revealing this information to other players as it is common practice in most multiplayer games on Steam. This applies to any platform and any product that we have available for you.
Article 4 – Legal
  1. If or when by law we are required to access or release your information to the appropriate government agency or establishment, we will. Legal requests, including but not limited to: warrants, court orders or subpoena can force the Company to provide the government with your personal information. If you’re involved in criminal activity, this may be a problem for you but not for us, and we will not guarantee that your information is always safe with us. Know that under no circumstances will we ever give access to anyone outside of the government and outside of legal boundaries to your information. The majority of people accessing our content are not breaking the law or committing felonies and in these cases, your information is safe with us.
Article 5 – Security
  1. Please understand that information is never guaranteed to be 100% safe on the internet, in storage or elsewhere. We prioritize security and strive to ensure the safety of all information that we collect but we cannot guarantee the complete security of any information you disclose or transmit through our products or communications and cannot be held responsible for the theft, destruction or disclosure of said information by anyone outside of the Company. These types of leaks can occur if or when the Company is hacked or accessed by outsiders breaking the law, as one example. We have never had a problem regarding this matter as we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain control over every aspect of the Company.
Article 6 – International Users
  1. Sinn Studio Inc. is based in Canada. Please note that any information we collect can be stored on servers outside of your country and the laws, regulations and standards of the country in which this information is stored may be different from your country. By using our products, you consent to this collection, transfer, storage, and processing of information to and in Canada and other countries.
Article 7 – Changes to This Privacy Policy
  1. If changes are made to this Privacy Policy, we will always provide notice of such changes on the homepage of our website. This notice will be displayed on said page for five (5) days before it is taken down so as to not hinder its overall visual appearance.